Lets Talk about Mental Health?

Benefits of mental health are indescribable. It helps lifting the body and surrounding of a person in the most effective way. Understanding the importance of mental wellbeing in the time of uncertainty, crisis and the challenging future ahead, JCI Dhaka West intends to conduct virtual sessions on mental health improvement with a new normal lifestyle. The first webinar of this series ‘Be Mindful in Crisis’ is expected to grow awareness on mental wellbeing and adapting exercises for the mind specifically on the areas like Identify Negative Thinking, Ways to Manage Emotions, Coping Mechanism for Disorders: Sleeping, Eating and Anxiety, Conflict Resolution and Better Ways to Communicate and Mindfulness Practice.

Dr. Helal Uddin Ahmed, Associate Professor of National Institute of Mental Health and Hospital will be speaker of that workshop. Also Md. Altamis Nabil, 2020 Local General Legal Counsel of JCI Dhaka West will be moderating this event. This workshop will be live from JCI Dhaka West facebook page on 23rd June at 9 PM.

Apart from that, JCI Dhaka West aims present more webinars focused towards physical and mental wellbeing to address, educate and aware the importance of sound mental and physical health under the project named Biborton.

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